RED-Sequoia-Platinum.pngWe provide top of the line, professional, dependable and safe transportation services at affordable rates. As a new and privately owned company we take pride in providing our clients with a comfortable ride and quality service.

Eliminate the stress and expense of driving yourself to essential services such as medical care, grocery shopping, and trips to the park.

There are a lot of times when it’s a great idea to book chauffeured transportation. The comfort and style of riding in a executive SUV is perfect for airport transportation, corporate / personal events, etc. Renting a car and driving yourself in an unfamiliar state or foreign country can be expensive and stressful. Unless you’re a frequent visitor to the state you are not going to know your way around, which can add inconvenient delays as well as unnecessary anxieties. Driving yourself can also be dangerous when you’re traveling on unknown roads with traffic regulations you are not familiar with. You may also have to deal with finding and paying for parking everywhere you go. Using public transportation may be less expensive than renting, but can also be a hassle, not to mention another safety risk. An experienced driver will be able to get your family to all of your desired destinations safely and on time. Not only will you be picked up and dropped off at the door, our drivers will also be waiting for you to finish with your activities. 

When to book a Chauffeured SUV 

Limousines are fantastic for special occasions like movie premieres, weddings, proms and bachelorette parties. But the truth is you don’t always need to hire a limo service.

  1. Traveling with family - An SUV is the perfect spacious, safe, and comfortable vehicle for transportation. If you’re off to spend some quality time with the family consider booking an SUV for your trip to the airport, sightseeing and scenic tours. There is also plenty of room for any car seats, luggage, or any other personal belongings.
  2. Traveling in Winter - We know all about winter in Massachusetts. The roads can be icy and covered in snow and the traffic is often heavy. A chauffeured SUV will transport you safely in winter conditions, be it back and forth to the airport, or when you’re in a snowy city for a week of work.
  3. For Extended or Luggage-Heavy Trips - If you and the family are taking off for a few weeks, or you’re traveling to a week long trade show with lots of supplies and equipment, a typical executive sedan is not going to have enough space for the luggage. An SUV has enough room for you and all the cargo.